How We Can Help!

Spring Activation

While Wisconsin winters can be hard on your system, with the end of winter it's time to look forward to sunny days and green lawns. Of course, it's important to have your irrigation system professionally started-up in the spring to ensure proper system operation!

Our service team will come out and check your equipment thoroughly to correct any problems you may have with your system. You'll then be ready to enjoy a healthy, lush landscape all season long!

System Renovation/Remodel

Our expert staff can also take care of any system renovations you may need due to home or landscape remodeling. Whether you are adding a few heads to your existing system or doing a complete system remodel, Capitol Lawn Sprinkler, Inc. will be able to service all your irrigation needs!

Fall Winterization

When the days start getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, it's time to schedule the winterization of your irrigation system.

Every year, your irrigation system needs to have all the water blown out of the lines to prevent water from freezing in the line and causing damage to the pipes, heads, valves and even the lines running into your home.

Mid-to-late summer is a great time to schedule your winterization/blow-out of your system!